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Ever since we got Womanchego in our case, I’ve been wondering where that amazing name comes from. Today, I finally took the time to do some research into why Cato Corner Farm in Colchester, Connecticut chose “Womanchego.” The “chego” is inspired by Manchego, the famous Spanish sheep milk cheese. Usually, you’ll find Manchego in shops in the US at around a year old, but the Cato Corner emulates a young version with Womanchego. The young Manchego is bright and almost slightly citrusy while still having the buttery toasty flavors of the older.

Womanchego shares characteristics with a young Manchego in its texture, and mild, but interesting flavor. However, there are key differences as well – Womanchego is produced in Connecticut instead of Spain, and it is made with raw cow’s milk instead of sheep’s milk. There are some differences between Womanchego and Manchego, just like between men and women, but there are also similarities, and really, we’re all just cheese/humans anyway, and we all deserve equality, of course.

Come try Womanchego, especially if you’re a Manchego fan, because it’s tasty, easy-going and universally loved.

For the love of cheese and Women everywhere,