Give Thanks for Cheese!

My favorite holiday of the entire year is upon us! My family is food-obsessed, so Thanksgiving is our time to go food wild. It’s also a fun time to be in the shop because we’re all talking about what we’re making, but most importantly, what cheese we’re bringing to our friends and family. I asked everyone about their Thanksgiving cheese choices and I got long, detailed responses. So, instead of writing out everyone’s extensive cheeseboards, I’ll take one cheese from each monger to create the ULTIMATE CHEESE EXTRAVAGANZA! Along with the cheese is also their comments about why the specific cheese is a good choice. 

11-16-17 Turkey.png

Christine: Cornish Kern, “It hits all the flavor categories, just like the variety of food at Thanksgiving. It’s everything.”
Jimmy: Wensleydale Hawes (I think this is a sleeper hit), “It’s very friendly.”
Kim: Urchruter, “Urchruter has nice brown sugary holiday flavors.”
Brie: Rush Creek Reserve, “It makes me feel like it’s fall.”
Peter: Robiola di Capra, “Since it’s a big feast, I’m going to get a lot of small pieces so people can nibble and drift and talk. I want cheese with big flavors, like the Robiola di Capra.”
Chris: Pleasant Ridge Reserve, “I want these people to think I’m classy.”
To summarize, in order – we have a sweet and savory hard cow’s milk, a tart, crumbly British beauty, a smooth, unexpected Alpine, a show-stopping softy, a soft goat for the cheese-adventurous, and a wild card, which is basically anything you, as the provider of cheese, really love.

Now, since this is a holiday, I will trick out the cheeseboard with a few different meats, pâté, a jam or two, some savory spread or mustard, crackers, slices of bread, fresh or dried fruits, and marcona almonds because I can’t resist them. Ohhh yes, this is where the crowd will gather. There might be danger of people filling up on all this good stuff before the meal, but what is Thanksgiving without getting full few times over?

For the love of cheese and THANKSGIVING!!!