Winter Wine Night & Cheese!

It’s that time of year again – Winter Wine Night! Mark your calendars! It's this Saturday, December 9th from 3-6pm, and it's a free event to all!

I love Winter Wine Night because it's our annual holiday party, with loads of excellent wine to taste. And this year's wine line-up is the best yet! Since this event is all about the wine, we’ve put together a list of cheeses that will be good supporting actors to the wine stars. They’ll go with white, rosé, and red, a full-bodied wine or something lighter, a wine weighted with tannin or one smooth as velvet. These cheeses are the friends who are ready to go out dancing, but who are also happy to Netflix and chill. They’re easy-going, good listeners, ready to boost up their buddies. These cheeses are perfect for a dinner party if you don’t know what kind of wine the host is serving, for that night where you want to finish off the ends of a few bottles you’ve had lying around, or maybe you’ve found a bunch of different wines at Winter Wine Night to go home and drink NOW. 
Chebris – sheep/goat milk, semi-hard, France, smooth, a touch tart and sweet. 
Pecorino Toscano – sheep milk, hard, Italy, nutty, nutty, nutty
Mountaineer – cow milk, semi-hard, Virgina, buttery and mellow
Brabander – goat milk, hard, Netherlands, sweet with a goaty tang
St. Malachi – cow milk, hard, Pennsylvania, peanuts and saffron (I swear it’ll work)
Vermont Herdsman – cow milk, hard, Vermont, hazelnuts with a bit of pineapple and a bite of sharp
Toma Walser – cow milk, soft, Italy, salty and tangy
Alta Langa Camembert – cow/sheep/goat milk, soft, Italy, smells stinky and tastes like butter and fresh grass
Stichelton – cow milk, semi-firm, England, a medium sharp blue with a salted butter finish
West West Blue – cow milk, semi-firm, Vermont, blue-y and barn-y
All right, I hope to see you at Winter Wine Night this Saturday to try 40+ wines, and of course a whole lot of cheese. 
For the love of cheese and easy pairing,