Arethusa Blue

When a customer and I wander over to the blue cheese case, I’m usually expecting one of two responses: either they are head over heels in love with blue cheese, or highly skeptical of its merits. Predictably, I like serving both of those customers because I can either throw anything at the first customer and they will be PUMPED, or I get to try to introduce someone to a blue they actually enjoy. Then, if the unsure customer comes back in and asks for blue again, I do a little happy dance in my head.

Last week, we got in a new blue called Arethusa Blue from Arethusa Farm in Connecticut. It has become my go-to for the customer ready to have a second date with blue cheese. It is buttery with just a touch of hay making it slightly funkier than our mildest blues, but still approachable. However, Arethusa Blue will also satisfy the blue enthusiast because it is modeled after British farmhouse blue cheeses, like Stilton, so it has a slight barny-ness that makes it interesting. Simply put, this cheese is highly lovable.

For the love of cheese and blues,

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 22.28.53.png