Epic Grilled Cheese: Fall Edition

I have accepted it. Summer is very close to being over, and I guess I can’t stop it. Luckily, the end of summer means the start of fall, which is also a pretty good time of year. To mitigate my end of summer blues and focus on the beautiful season coming up, we are going to celebrate with a NEW GRILLED CHEESE. Yes, you heard right! We are adding another grilled cheese to our repertoire. This one has Kaltbach Le Cremeux, my number one choice for a breakfast sandwich because it is sooo creeeeamy. We also wanted some cheddar in the sandwich, so we chose the British cheese Ford Farm for its sharpness and savory edge. And for tasty pizzazz, apple butter! We added a good thick shmear of Champlain Orchards Apple Butter because sometimes we just have to give into a cliché of fall when it is this tasty (don’t worry, though, no pumpkin spice grilled cheese here). For the next few weeks, we will have a small number of the Epic Grilled Cheese Fall Edition available, along with the Classic EGC that I still crave every single Saturday afternoon. 

For the love of cheese and apple butter,

Our Epic Grilled Cheese pop-up is every Saturday at the shop starting at noon!

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