Meet Your Monger: David


Meet Your Monger: David aka Cheese Shop Comedian, Horn Enthusiast

Meet Your Monger is back! We stand behind the counter, asking you to try this and that, but who are we really?? I, Kiri, pose questions to the crew here at the Cheese Shop and see what they have to say. This week: David aka Cheese Shop Comedian, Horn Enthusiast.
What draws you to cheese? How did you get into the cheese business?
I guess, the diversity of cheese. There are so many different kinds, it doesn’t really get boring.
And why did you want a job here?
I was always interested in food. Actually, my mom walked in and thought, David would love it here. And that’s kind of how it all started.
You are our resident “hip young college student.”
Yeah, you guys definitely needed one.
I hear the kids these days watch a lot of YouTube, do you? What cheese would you eat while surfing YouTube?
It depends what I’m watching. Um, I don’t know. I guess it doesn’t depend what I’m watching. I’d choose the Bay Blue, my FAVORITE CHEESE, perfect for any occasion.
What cheese would you bring back for your college friends?
Probably the Prairie Breeze. It’s a nice sharp cheese, and I think people like that. It’s very accessible, it doesn’t turn people away.
What is a favorite spot to eat around BU? Or are you at BC?
I’m at BU. BC is where the heathens go, just so you know. It depends what I feel like. Sometimes it’s Cane’s Chicken when it’s late at night when you want junk food. Or sometimes it’s Sunrise Cantina when it’s late at night when you also want junk food. It’s a taco place, and they have great nachos.
Would you go to either of these places not late at night? 
I feel like that’s part of the fun. You don’t go to Sunset Cantina half way through the day. It’s just not something you do.
If this were the cheese high school yearbook, what cheese in our case would win most likely to succeed?
I can’t say Bay Blue. I’m like a parent to it – I love it, but not everyone loves it.
That was beautiful.
The popular student in school always gets most likely to succeed and that would have to be Vacherousse d’Argental.
Tell me about a food memory you have.
When I went to Spain, I was in Madrid and there was a jamón shop with all the legs hanging from the ceiling. They had the infamous black hooved Ibérico with the hoof still on it, and this was the really nice expensive one. I’ve grown up with prosciutto my whole life, and that was my first time experiencing something that was in the same category, but completely different because this was made with really fatty pigs who had gorged themselves on acorns. To this day, I can always take myself back to sitting in that shop, surrounded by cured legs hanging up and tasting that very nutty piece of jamón. I remember realizing that once someone puts a lot of care into how they make their product, the difference is very noticeable. It was an awakening experience.
What is your desert island cheese?
Bay Blue [we say this in unison]. Next question.
Ok, now I’m going to give you a scenario.
Bay Blue.
The apocalypse has happened, but you managed to grab one kind of cheese as you ran out of the store. Which one did you grab to reintroduce cheese into the post-apocalyptic society?
Bay Blue. If the apocalypse has already happened, people are not going to be turned off by the fact that there’s mold on it. And if people forgot what penicillin was, they’ll figure it out through the cheese that I gave them and I saved the planet. You’re welcome.