Ascutney Mountain

Ascutney Mountain

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Named for its neighboring Vermont monadnock, Ascutney Mountain is a hard farmstead cheese from Cobb Hill in Hartland, Vermont. Cheesemakers Sophie, Jeannine, and Kerry craft their cheese every two days using fresh, raw milk from their small heard of Jersey cows. Adapted over 15 years ago, the cheese recipe is inspired by that of Swiss Appenzeller: freshly cut curds are heated, put into forms, and pressed overnight before bathing in brine and beginning their aging process. Cheeses mature for 9-10 months, developing a beautiful natural rind and flavors that reflect the unique environment of Cobb Hill and the varied diet of their cows throughout the year.

Ascutney Mountain makes a powerful first impression long before it hits your palate. The golden paste and the pale, rustic rind are visually striking. The heavenly aroma is grassy and musty like a dry day on the farm, yet sweet and milky like fresh butter. In flavor, round nuttiness and slight tang are balanced by the firm structure of earthy depth. All in all, Ascutney Mountain epitomizes the delicious complexity of small-scale, sustainable agriculture and raw milk farmstead cheese production. Yum!

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Texture: Hard

Milk Type: Cow

Milk Treatment: Raw

Rennet: Vegetarian, Non-GMO

Producer: Cobb Hill Cheese

Region: Hartland, Vermont

Country: United States