Crazy Caprese

All of this warm summer weather has Curdis craving fresh mozzarella with tomato and basil, especially with our newest arrival of Wolf Meadow Farm’s amazing fresh cheeses.  This recipe uses two of Wolf Meadow Farm’s cheeses to create this crazy version of Caprese Salad. Enjoy!
-Queen Christine

Crazy Caprese
½ pound Wolf Meadow Farm Fresh Mozzarella
½ pound Wolf Meadow Farm Stracciatella
2 large fresh tomatoes
20 large basil leaves
20 mint leaves
¼ cup + 2 tablespoons olive oil
¼ teaspoon kosher salt and black pepper

  1.  With an immersion blender or small food processor, puree the basil, mint and olive oil until all ingredients are well processed and resemble a thick oil. Season with salt and pepper
  2. Slice tomatoes and mozzarella into ¼ inch slices.
  3. To assemble on a plate, start with a slice of mozzarella, top with a tomato slice, top tomato with a spoonful of stracciatella, and finally drizzle with about a tablespoon of the basil oil. 

Serves:  4