Superhero Cheeses!

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Superhero Cheeses!

Everyone loves a Superhero. Some walk among us everyday, inspire us to be better, and give us hope, like the students who marched in Washington yesterday. At the shop, we're surrounded by SUPER delicious foods, so we've paired a few of Marvel's magnificent Superheroes to some of our favorite cheeses and wines. Tomorrow, come by for our Superhero wine tasting from 5-7pm, and try out some of the cheeses we've listed here too! 

Black Panther – We definitely wanted to do this one since this movie recently dropped and it’s been the talk of the town (a.k.a. the country/the world). We thought Aged Bloomsday, the sharp and complex cow’s milk cheese from Cato Corner Farm in Connecticut, represented Black Panther. While it is a powerful cheese, it is also balanced with a touch of sweetness and freshness, just like Black Panther is strong and King T’Challa (Black Panther sans suit) is level-headed.

Mr. Fantastic – Stracciatella was the obvious choice for Mr. Fantastic. Since he can stretch and deform in all directions, Stracciatella is his cheese match because it also has serious elasticity. Also, Mr. Fantastic is one of the founders of the Fantastic Four, and Stracciatella is a fresh cheese, which is the first step, or foundation, of aged cheeses. Hmm yes, that last point is a bit of a stretch (pun intended!!).

Wonder Woman – For Wonder Woman, we wanted an island cheese to reflect her homeland of Themyscira, or Paradise Island. So, we chose Su Entu, the now shop-beloved sheep’s milk cheese from Sardinia. While Sardinia is not Paradise Island, from the pictures I’m drooling over online it looks pretty close. The cheese has a good bite, like a strong jab from Wonder Woman, and it is rare to find someone who does not like it, and who doesn’t like Wonder Woman? 

Hulk – Moliterno al Tartufo, an Italian sheep’s milk cheese marbled with truffle, is Hulk. Even from the smell, you get a WHAM KA-POW BAM of truffle. And when you taste it, punch! kick!, more truffle! 

Well, there you go. Another productive day at the cheese shop! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about superheroes and their cheese doppelgängers.

For the love of SUPER cheese,