Alternatives to Parm


Alternatives to Parm

We all know Parmigiano Reggiano is the king of cheese - it’s massive, it has history, it is the go-to for pasta dishes and anything that needs a dash of salty nutty complexity. But what if, just this once, you’re not in the mood for Parm? What if you want to try something different on your farfalloni and marinara? Well, let’s do it!

If you want something similar, my first choice is Podda Misto. It is a sheep’s and cow’s milk cheese from Italy that has a similar nutty sharp quality to Parmigiano, but with a touch of tang from the sheep milk. Dziugas is another solid alternative. Named for a giant, this Lithuanian cheese has the same texture as Parmigiano, and it is also a cow’s milk cheese, but it’s a touch sweet, making it especially tasty grated over something spicy. 

Now, let’s leave the Parmigiano realm behind and talk some crazy talk. What is another cheese that works where Parm works but is wild and different?! I’m throwing L’Amuse Signature Gouda in the ring. Our second most popular cheese might not seem like the clear choice to stand in for Parmigiano, but hear me out. It is sweet and slightly bitter like caramel, it has a rich texture and will melt well when grated. It’s salty and strong enough to stand up to whatever you put it with. And its deep flavor will add an unexpected complexity to a dish. Are you convinced yet? Well try this pesto with the L’Amuse on roasted green beans or as a dip for any vegetable. Or give it the ultimate test and grate it over your next bowl of tomato sauce and pasta, and see how it holds up. I bet you will be pleasantly surprised that L’Amuse, or any of these cheeses, can stand up with the might Parmigiano Reggiano.

For the love of cheese and great graters (I finally cracked. I tried not to use this pun the whole newsletter and I almost made it!),