Italian Rosato

Free tasting | Saturday, August 17, 2019 | 4-6PM


All Italian rosato on a summer eve. Could anything be better? Read on below for the tutto rosato line-up!

Saturday’s Italian Rosato Line-up:


2018 Crealto 'Mutabilis' Rosato

Who: Eleonora and Luigi Costa

What: A blend of Nebbiolo and Barbera

Where: Piedmont, Italy

How: Brief skin contact!

Farming Method: Biodynamic

Fun Fact: Eleonora and Luigi’s winery’s name Crealto comes from ‘crè’ which means ‘chalk’ in French and Piemontese.   

What It Tastes Like: Smooth and tantalizing with full-bodied notes of roses and strawberries.


NV Poderi Cellario, È Rosato

Who: Fausto and Cinzia Cellario

What: Nebbiolo and Dolcetto

Where: Piedmont, Italy

How: The grapes are hand harvested into small bins, undergo spontaneous fermentation, and are then aged in stainless steel for 6-8 months.

Farming Method: Organic

Fun Fact: The name Piedmont means 'foot of the mountain'.

What It Tastes Like: Grown-up strawberry popsicles!


2018 G.D Vajra 'Rosabella' Rosato

Who: Aldo Vaira

What: Nebbiolo, Barbera, and Dolcetto

Where: Piedmont, Italy

How: This blend was fermented in stainless steel.

Farming Method: Organic

Fun Fact: The grape Nebbiolo is named after 'nebbia', which means fog in Italian, which is a reference to the white yeasts that form on the outside of Nebbiolo grapes when they are ripe.

What It Tastes Like: Smooth and floral with strawberry notes.


2018 Cantina Bolzano 'Pischl' Rosato

Who: The definition of teamwork-Cantina Bolzano is a cooperative.

What: 100% Lagrein

Where: Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy

How: Gentle pressing and a short amount of skin contact.

Fun Fact: Until 1919 this region was apart of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

What It Tastes Like: Don't be fooled by its gorgeously dramatic hue...this Rosato is dry! It has mineral driven notes of cranberry and raspberry.


2018 Cantina Fabulas 'Fortitudo' 

Who: This is a biodynamic winery where the sheep, plant-life, grapes and winemakers get equal credit.

What: Montepulciano 

Where: Abruzzo, Italy

How: This was aged for several months in a combination of ceramic and barrique.

Farming Method: Biodynamic practices

Fun Fact: The big stone slab on the label with the words ‘Tavola dei Briganti’ refer to sets of limestone slabs in Abruzzo where historically bandits and shepherds have scratched out their stories.

What It Tastes Like: Dry with a luscious body of rose petals and strawberries.