Prost to Poppa!

Free tasting | Saturday, June 15, 2019 | 4-6PM

Peter, our owner, ‘il Capo’, aka Dad!

Peter, our owner, ‘il Capo’, aka Dad!

Prost to Poppa! Come join us this Father’s Day Weekend for a wine tasting with Bethann from Cafe Europa! Come try before you buy Dad that bottle of wine he’s been craving. Happy Father’s Day all you dads out there! Pictured is Poppa Peter at the grill, another happy place of his when he’s not behind the cheese counter.


2018 Arca Nova, Vinho Verde Branco

Who: Winemakers Fernando Machado and Henrique Lopes

What: A blend of Loureiro, Arinto, and Trajadura 

Where: Vinho Verde, Portugal

How: Stainless steel

Farming Method: The vineyards are farmed using the EPA's Integrated Pest Management system – a process that eliminates pests using only natural methods – and after their first 3-5 years, the vines are dry farmed to encourage healthy roots.

Fun Fact: Vinho Verde, literally translates into ‘green wine’ refers not to the color but to the youthfulness of this style of wine…aka drink this now!

What It Tastes Like: A zap of acidity, ticklish bubbles and a rush of green apples and lemon.


2018 Arca Nova, Vinho Verde Rosé

Who: Fernando Machado and Henrique Lopes

What: A blend of Espadeira and Touriga Nacional 

Where: Vinho Verde, Portugal

How: Organic, but not certified

Farming Method: Harvest at the Vinho Verde estates is done by hand and the grapes are destemmed before pressing.

Fun Fact: Vinho Verde can be made from one or a combination of 25 grape varieties.

What It Tastes Like: This will recharge you more than an espresso! Think tart raspberries and cherries-one of THE porch pounders of Summer 2019.


2014 Eric Kent, ‘Luke’s Grove’ Chardonnay 

Who: Kent Humphrey

What: Chardonnay

Where: California, United States

How: 50% of these Chardonnay grapes rocked out in new French oak barrels.

Farming Method: Biodynamic

Fun Fact: Kent Humphrey and his wife, Colleen, married in a grove of trees about 100 yards from the vineyard where this Chardonnay was grown.

What It Tastes Like: Butterscotch, baked apples, and pear.


2016 Eric Kent, Appellation Series Pinot Noir

Who: Kent Humphrey

What: Pinot Noir

Where: California, United States

How: Aged in French and neutral oak barrels

Farming Method: Biodynamic 

Fun Fact: Colleen and Kent are huge supporters of the arts; their stunning labels are all created by local up and coming artists.

What It Tastes Like: Velvety smooth with notes of cherries and earth. ROAR.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 15.12.43.png

2015 Point Ormond, Nebbiolo


What: Nebbiolo

Where: Victoria, Australia

How: These grapes spend a year on their skins and age for two years in barrel. 

Farming Method: Organic practices

Fun Fact: Here’s a comparison that’ll blow your mind: in 1960, 1 million cases of dry table wine were produced in Australia…and in 2010, 134 million cases were produced!

What It Tastes Like: Tannins and chewy cherry and earthiness galore. You’ll be craving brisket to pair this with!