Mise Wines

Free tasting | Saturday, March 16, 2019 | 4-6PM

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The newest Mise Wine selections are being opened, led by your buddy Jackson, with a focus on organic and biodynamic wines from France and the US. Be there!


2017 Division ‘Un’ Pinot Noir

Who: Kate Norris and Tom Monroe

What: Pinot Noir

Where: Willamette Valley (Oregon, USA)

How: Aged in French and Austrian oak

Farming Method: Biodynamic

Fun Fact: Bordering Division’s winemaking facility in Portland is an all-natural wine bar that highlights burgeoning wineries around the world. Go there to find the BIG next small thing! 

What It Tastes Like: It’s edgy New World Pinot with notes of coriander, blueberry, and strawberries.


 2017 Les Brebis Pinot Noir

Who: The Shaffer Family

What: Pinot Noir

Where: Willamette Valley (Oregon, USA)

How: Aged in 11 months in French oak barrels

Farming Method: Biodynamic

Fun Fact: ‘Les Brebis’ means ‘the ewes’ in French and the winemakers surname, Shaffer, means ‘shepherd’ in German. This connection is how the Shaffer family thinks of winemaking: their job is to protect and guide the grapes from harm.

What It Tastes Like: Fresh raspberry pie that’s still warm from the oven!


2015 Domaine Jaulin-Plaisantin ‘Les Hauts & Les Bas’ Chinon

Who: Sébastien Jaulin and Yves Plaisantin

What: Cabernet Franc

Where: Chinon aka the Spectacular Loire Valley in France

How: The wine is aged in a mixture of old oak barrels and concrete tanks; after aging separately for a year the wine is blended together and aged for an additional 3-6 months.

Farming Method: Biodynamic 

Fun Fact: Cabernet Franc is France’s 6thmost planted grape variety. In 2009, 36,948 hectares were recorded from across France.

What It Tastes Like: Tobacco, flint, and cherry. The reaction to drinking Chinon is always ‘Ooh-la-la’!


2016 Domaine des Huards ‘Romo’ 

Who: The past 7 generation of the Gendrier family; Pierre Gendrier founded Domaine des Huards in 1846.

What: Romorantin (unusual grape that is only grown in the Loire)

Where: Touraine (Loire Valley, France)

How: Stainless tank

Farming Method: Biodynamic since 1998

Fun Fact: The myth of Romorantin in the Loire is that King Francois I ordered 80,000 Romorantin vines to be brought from Burgundy and planted around achâteau in the town of Romorantin where his mother frequently stayed. Unfortunately, genetic testing doesn’t back up this sweet tale.  

What It Tastes Like: Bone-dry and gorgeous acidity. Pair this with sushi! 


2017 Domaine Réveille ‘Tous des Oiseaux’

Who: The delightful Frances Crispeels 

What: Carignan 

Where: Languedoc-Roussillon, France

How: 15 days skin maceration and then aged for 11 months in stainless steel

Farming Method: Organic and on their way to becoming biodynamic

Fun Fact: France Crispeel’s labels are always charmingly informative; besides her usual labeling of the grape varietal, soil type, etc. there is also a list of names in cursive. Who are these people? Were they harvest helpers? Let’s ask Jackson at the tasting too find out!  

What It Tastes Like: Earthy rich goodness with notes of black currants.