Wine Tour of Italy

Free tasting | Saturday, November 9, 2019 | 4-6PM

5 different wines, 5 different regions. Come take a tour of Italy with us as the Mucci brothers lead us through a complimentary tasting of these special, all organic, and natural wines. 

Wine Tour of Italy Line-up:


2018 Cantine Guilano ‘Pretiosa’ Albanello

Who: Sebastian Guilano 

What: Albanello  

Where: Sicily, Italy

How: These grapes are given a few hours of skin contact before undergoing racking and aging on their lees for 3 months. After this the wine is aged for an additional 3 months in bottle.

Farming Method: Organic

Fun Fact: The grape Albanello gained a negative reputation in Sicily because farmers were planting it on hearty and mineral laden soil; this finnicky grape needs to struggle to produce amazing wine! In 1998, Sebastian planted his Albanello grapes in extremly poor soil because of this.

What It Tastes Like: Beautifully flowy acidity alongside notes of white blossoms, almonds, and apricot.


2017 Fattoria Mani Di Luna ‘Il Baretto’

Who: From BFF’s Rocco, Simone, and Alessandro

What: 100% Trebbiano

Where: Umbria, Italy

How: These grapes were foot stomped and fermented in stainless steel for two weeks before aging in stainless steel for 6-7 months.

Farming Method: Biodynamic

Fun Fact: Alessandro and Rocco met when playing in the same band together years ago while Simone met Rocco at school where they both studied agronomy.

What It Tastes Like: A bit of grippiness from the tannins with notes of baked pear and apples.


2018 Negro Lorenzo ‘San Martin’ Rosato

Who: Lorenzo Negro

What: Nebbiolo

Where: Piedmont, Italy

How: The grapes spend a few hours on their skins before aging in stainless steel.

Farming Method: Organic practices

Fun Fact: This is Lorenzo’s first vintage producing this rosato.

What It Tastes Like: Wicked dry and smooth with notes of cherries and wildflowers.


2016 Regina Viarum ‘Zer05’ Primitivo Falerno del Massico 

Who: The Maddalena family: Elda, Pasquale, and Amalia!

What: Primitivo 

Where: Campania, Italy

How: These grapes were harvested by hand and aged with the majority in stainless steel but with a small amount in aged French oak barrels.

Farming Method: Organic

Fun Fact: The Maddalena family has been making wine here for centuries.

What It Tastes Like: Juicy rich wild cherries, earthiness, and plums.

Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 17.29.52.png

2017 Cantina Lilliu ‘Chida’ Rosso

Who: Pietro and Roberta Lilliu

What: A blend of Cannanou, Bovale, and Syrah

Where: Sardinia, Italy

How: These grapes are fermented separately before being aged in stainless steel and concrete for a year before bottling.

Farming Method: Natural

Fun Fact: Pietro and Roberta stopped making this blend a few years ago but the Mucci brothers (the wine importers) convinced the couple to continue to produce this wine!

What It Tastes Like: Tart cherries and plums with a mouthful of fresh earth.