RAW Wine Fair 2017 Recap

 Saturday, November 9, 2017 | 4-6PM

Here's a little recap from RAW Wine Fair 2017 this past weekend in Brooklyn, NY. The annual event is open to the public if you ever have the chance to go! This Saturday, we are showing 'raw', natural wines from Jenny & Fran├žois Selections, with Oscar from Olmstead Wine Co. 

From The Eyes of a "Professional Wine Drinker"

We like gushing about our wines here at the shop just as much as our cheeses, where we toss words like biodynamic and natural around with excited smiles. But on Saturday night after closing the shop, the three of us (Susan, Kiri, and Molly) got to experience RAW, a natural wine festival that celebrate and demand these very things in Brooklyn! To be RAW, wines must be hand harvested, natural or no yeasts added, and wines made under organic and/or biodynamic conditions. Armed with a hearty breakfast and caffeine flowing through our systems on Sunday morning, we were ready to take on RAW. With over 80 wine producers, and each producer showing at least five wines, it was a daunting task, but someone had to do it!

Strangely enough, the day was unexpectedly...relaxing. It felt more like hanging out with interesting people, all who had that passionate gleam in their eye for wine. Strangers tasting beside us recommended certain tables and wines to one another and we all discussed tasting notes and grapes. We ran into many cool industry people from Boston, and met some new acquaintances but the best part was recognizing wines that we've carried in the shop and being able to meet the winemakers. Their mouths all widened into ecstatic grins to hear our appreciation and love for their wines! Some of the people we got to chat with were Francesco de Filippis of Cosimo Maria Masini from Tuscany (Sincero and Annick) and France Crispeels of Vignoble Reville (Ultra-Violet and Elan) (both pictured below) who were so nice and brought new wine to RAW that we hadn't tasted before. We left late afternoon with palate exhaustion, blue stained teeth, and notations of what new wines we're eagerly going to bring into the shop!

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 18.06.58.png