Georgian Wine Night

Free tasting | Saturday, October 19, 2019 | 4-6PM


October calls for orange wine! And the traditional wine of the Republic of Georgia is just that. Kosta, owner of the importing company, Georgian Toast, is recently back from another visit to Georgia with new Georgian wine for you to try! Susan, Cheese Shop Wine Director, had the pleasure of visiting the Republic of Georgia this past spring with Kosta and a group of other wine professionals. Here’s a previous convo that Susan and Kiri had discussing her trip to Georgia. One of the most special aspects of Georgian winemaking is the qvevri culture. Georgians are still aging wine like their ancestors did over 8,000 years ago in qvevri, which are clay vessels buried underground. Every single marani (Georgian for wine cellar) that Kosta, Susan and their group visited had an aging facility including qvevri. Come taste history in a glass this Saturday including traditional amber wines (also known as ‘orange wines,’ which are white wines with extended skin-contact). Gaumarjos!