Matchvino Monsters

Free tasting | Friday, October 19, 2018 | 5-7PM

Stacey and François from Matchvino are bringing all their monster wine vibes and pouring all Italian wines for you this Friday. BOO!


2017 Terregaie ‘Ellie’ Rosato (Veneto, Italy) | This Pinot Noir rosé from Venetois named after a girl, Ellie, and Pennywise, aka IT,  loves to devour children! The bloodied red hue of Ellie in the glass matches the color of the single, red balloon Pennywise likes to carry around. Just as this rosé delights you with its playful notes of raspberries and strawberries, Pennywise will be as equally ecstatic to murder you with a smile. 


2016 Terregaie ‘Brando’ Cabernet Franc (Veneto, Italy) | There’s nothing more comforting than a Cabernet Franc on a wild Autumn night which is why Brando is a Church Grim, a guardian spirit in English and Scandinavian folklore who often appears as a black dog. Like Brando’s namesake, a large, fluffy white dog who lives in Salem (!), Church Grims are protectors. They guard churchyards and the deceased from all the witches, warlocks, and even the Devil themselves! Church Grims certainly have their work cut out for them in Salem during October - help them out by trying their soul-wine, this Cab Franc is full of tart cranberry and raspberry notes. 


2014 Gabriele Scaglione Arneis ‘Ottimo con il Pesce e… ‘ (Piedmont, Italy) | This Roero Arneis, the indigenous white grape of Piedmont, is as rare and beautiful as the Kraken! If you’re ever off the coasts of Norway or Greenland and see the ocean bubbling or dangerous, edgy currents appear out of nowhere beware…the Kraken will be nearby! When it’s not feasting on ships or sailors, the Kraken, like this wine, needs fish. After fermentation in stainless for 10 months, this Arneis is full of acidity, floral notes, and a finish that is as long as a Kraken’s tentacle!


2014 Cantina Bolzano, Santa Magdalena ‘Huck am Bach’ (Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy) | This blend of Schiava and Lagrein will fall into your glass like liquid rubies, or as a certain fanged monster would lovingly say, like dripping blood. Huck am Bach is unmistakably a vampire; it has both the rustic temperament of early 19thcentury vampires and the charming and sophisticated versions that followed the creation of Count Dracula. This wine hails from a co-op that is as passionate about winemaking as hordes of angry villagers are about driving vampires away from their towns! Huck am Bach is as broody as Barnabas Collins, as dexterous as Bunnicula, and as charming and sophisticated as Count Dracula. It’s filled with notes of silky wild cherries, violets, and almonds. You’ll fall in love with it the moment you take a sip because as Edward Cullen will attest, every vampire is just waiting to fall in love?


2015 Cantina Bolzano Chardonnay (Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy) | As a kid did you ever spend nights curled up in a ball underneath your covers convinced you heard the bogeyman? While called different names depending on the country, the legend of the bogeyman is as worldwide as the grape Chardonnay! This Chardonnay was grown in South Tyrol on vineyards ranging 250-500 meters in elevation and was fermented in stainless steel. There are no warm comforting notes of oak here; this wine is filled with minerality as sharp as the bogeyman’s teeth and talons combined alongside its pineapple and guava notes. Your parents would certainly have sent you to bed early with threatening tales of the bogeyman to make you stay there, to break open this wine!