Loire Valley

Free tasting | Saturday, October 14, 2017 | 4-6PM

The Loire Valley is immense. It's so expansive many would like to see it split into three distinct regions: the Lower Loire, the Middle, and the Upper Loire. Come learn about what make the Loire so special with our friend Bob!

Domaine Lelievre, Côtes de Toul Auxerrois (2016) - $20
Sixty miles south of the German border is Lorraine, a region that also shares borders with Luxembourg and Belgium. Due to this unique location, Lorraine has a confusing history - its land has been occupied and been in relentless tug-of-wars between countries over the past hundreds of years. After being grown on clay slopes, this Pinot Auxerrois is fermented in  temperature controlled tanks to preserve the freshness of the grape, and is then vinified and reared on its lees separately in stainless steel vats. This wine is pure harmony with notes of apples and pears that end in a satisfying roundness.  

Domaine Lelievre 'Lecquois' Methode Traditionnelle. Sparkling Gamay (NV) - $19
The Lelievre family have long sturdy wine roots that date all the way back to the Romans in what is now known as Lorraine in the Loire Valley. They've been buzzing along generation after generation, while producing grapes that they sold to negociants (wine merchants in France who sell and and market either grapes or finished wine), and then in 1971, decided to switch to having their own winery and selling their own estate wine. Their Sparkling Gamay Noir has 12 grams of residual sugar and is crushable in one sitting with its tasty raspberry notes and fresh bubbles.

Migmatite Gamay Sur Granit, Côtes du Forez (2014) - $20
Gilles Bonnefoy was inspired by previously abandoned lands of slopes leading to volcanic pit of La Madone, which was named after a statue of the Madonna that stood at the summit, and so he bought the land on a whim for winemaking. That was in 1997; since then Bonnefoy has proved his mettle by producing high quality, biodynamic wine. His Gamay is bright and uncoils like a spring of rich minerality and earthy plums freshly picked off a tree. All organic and biodynamic winemaking. 

Domaine du Collier, Saumur Blanc (2013) - $39
One of the first associations people have with the Loire is Chenin Blanc, and rightly so! This is a fabulous example of classic Chenin with its mineral driven, balanced acidity and peachy-honeysuckle notes. Antoine Foucault and Caroline Boireau, the head of the tiny team at Domaine du Collier, recognize the importance of Chenin Blanc - out of their 7 hectares, a whole 2/3 of it is devoted to this grape. They've been winemaking since 1999 and have purposefully kept their aspirations pristine and small as they only produce 1,250 cases a year. All organic and biodynamic. 

Domaine de Pallus Messanges Rouge, Chinon (2016) - $17
Cabernet Franc is a direct and confident grape and it shines in Chinon, a very notable appellation for Cabernet Franc in the Loire. Domaine de Pallus' Chinon is spicy, easy-drinking, and has a nose full of fresh roses. After trying his hand at winemaking in Spain at Domaine de Atauta, Bertrand Sourdais returned to take the helm at his family's winery.

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