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Free tasting | Saturday, September 9, 2017 | 4-6PM

An exciting line-up of new Australian wine, including a hard-to-find natural wine from Lucy Margaux. Australia is getting better and better. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…See ya later Yellowtail, please kick yourself on the way out. Bye, Critter Wines. BYE. Hello, Quality Aussies. 

Torbreck, Cuvée Juveniles (2013) - Barossa Valley, South Australia, $25
If you were to classify this red wine as being an extrovert or an introvert, ‘Juveniles’ would definitely be vying for attention, arms outstretched, whilst yelling “Who’s ready to P-A-R-T-Y?!” It's an Australian wonder with Côte du Rhône influences in its confident blend of Grenache, Shiraz and Mataro (Mourvèdre). Dry, dark, and heady, it has notes of licorice and blackberries. Share this bottle with friends…’Juveniles’ would be saddened at the thought of not having an audience to admire its beauty!

Lucy Margaux, Noir de Florette (2016) - Adelaide Hills, South Australia, $50
In 2002, Anton and Sally Van Klopper purchased a 16-acre cherry orchard and named it after their daughter, Lucy. They focus on poignant and special wines made traditionally with only natural methods. It's the purest Aussie wine that we've ever had, and maybe ever will! This Pinot Noir is a peachy, brick red that smells like roses, red cherries, strawberries, thyme, pavement, stones, dirt, and orange marmalade. Try this natural treasure, with its savory strawberry and cherry notes, and get one step closer to visiting Adelaide Hills, Australia.

Jamsheed 'Warner Vineyard' Beechworth, Shiraz (2014) - Great Western, Victoria, $58
After apprenticing to Paul Draper of Ridge in California, Gary Mills decided to set out on his own wine odyssey. His natural winery, three hours north of Melbourne, is named after Jamsheed, a Persian King who, according to legend, could see his whole Kingdom in a wine glass. His Shiraz is as natural as a rainbow: its fermented in whole bunches, and is gravity racked, unfined, and unfiltered. This Shiraz is dry with smokey meaty notes, plummy, and is unapologetically as bold as brass.

Woodlands Wines, Chardonnay (2015) - Margaret River, Western Australia, $34
While every other vineyard in our Aussie line-up was founded in the 2000s, Woodlands is the eldest at a mature forty-four year old. David and Heather Watson were one of the original five vineyards to plant in the Margaret River wine region. Their Chardonnay is aged in a combination of French and new oak, which gives the wine a comforting note that is warm and homey, with playful notes of poached pears and honey.

Paxton, Graciano (2016) - McLaren Vale, South Australia, $20
What do cereal and wine have in common? They were both grown in McLaren Vale! In the early 19th century cereal crops were planted in the Vale but soon were switched over to vineyards as the wine community took off! In 2000, David Paxton began his small, biodynamic winery, Paxton Vineyards. This Graciano, a native grape to Spain, has a light body with white pepper and raspberry notes. Graciano might be the lighter bodied wine of this tasting line-up, but let it prove that it can stand up to its bolder companions!

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