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Summer Solstice, Italian Style


Happy Summer Solstice! The Solstice is a great opportunity to explore (and drink!) biodynamic wine. Biodynamic agriculture, or biodynamics, is an organic farming system used by many farmers and winemakers throughout the world. The term ‘biodynamic’ derives from the Greek ‘bios’ (life) and ‘dynamis’ (force); the ‘lifeforce’ behind biodynamics is the systematized approach to creating and preserving life through the integration of science and spirituality. Biodynamic agriculture works in relation to the patterns of the moon’s movements and the planets of our solar system. In biodynamic winemaking, vines are cared for and harvested according to the lunar calendar, which in turn strengthens the growth and quality of the vines, and thus betters the taste of your wine in the glass! This Friday, Gemma, owner of Giannoni Selections (an all Italian wine importing company) is visiting with a bagful of biodynamic Italian wine and will be here to explain more about what biodynamics is and why it’s so important (and why we dig it) when it comes to winemaking. Read more about biodynamic principals here as well as Gemma’s Italian wine line-up!

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