Cheddar Apple Pie

To continue our series of easy, quick recipes, we will now dive into dessert. ‘Tis the season of entertaining after all, and no party is complete without something sweet to finish off the meal. So, this week we are tackling pie! Apple Cheddar Caramel Pie to be exact, because why not guild the lily? The first time I tasted apple cheddar pie was at my freshman orientation in Vermont. Since I started my first year of college in February, we were inevitably being introduced to college in Vermont in the middle of a three-day blizzard.  After our parents dropped us off, and we’d spent the day battling the driving snow to unpack our cars, it was time for our first dinner on campus. We traipsed, shivering, into the dining hall to finally sit down and get to know our peers. At the end of the meal, one of the orientation leaders stood up and told us dessert was going to be a Vermont classic, apple cheddar pie. I was wary about the combination, cheddar in a dessert? But then I took my first steaming bite, and I was hooked.  I felt warmed from the inside out. The sweetness of the apples and the tanginess of the cheddar came together into such a comforting and tasty combination that I was always excited when it showed up in the dining hall throughout my time in college.
While that pie was good, this pie is better. For one, it has caramel. I mean, come on, this is for the holidays after all! Also, we are using a cheese that is delicious on the pie or off. Cabot Clothbound keeps this pie pure New England, and it is a cheddar that will stand with, but not overwhelm, the apples and caramel. Ahhhhh, I’m drooling.  Whether you’re making your own pies or getting them from your favorite bakery, you will not want to miss trying this combo.  Don’t want to commit to melting it all over the pie?  Just cut off a chunk of cheese, give it a little drizzle of caramel, and serve it alongside your pie, they’ll love it!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

- Queen Christine

Warm Apple Pie with Cheddar & Caramel

½ pound Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, grated
Fat Toad Farm Traditional Caramel
Your Favorite Apple Pie

  1.  Sprinkle cheese atop the pie. 
  2. Put into a warm oven (at about 300) until cheese is melted.
  3. Cut pie and drizzle caramel over each slice