Stracciatella on my mind


This time of year, a majority of my brain goes into resisting Wolf Meadow Farm Stracciatella. The name comes from the Italian word for “rags”, which is descriptive of the shreds and strands of the mozzarella bathed in cream. Oof I’m already starting to drool. Whenever Luca drops off a fresh batch, I lose all willpower and buy my own person pound. A pound is a crazy amount of cheese for one person, but I really can’t help myself and I happily finish the container. The Stracciatella bowl sits in our blue and goat cheese case, so anytime I’m over there, I want to take a little scoop out of the bowl. And then I might happen to walk past the case again and need another taste, and another and maybe just one more to make sure it’s still good… 

This fresh, stretched cheese is luscious, milky, and a touch tangy. It is insanely good on crusty bread with a swoosh of smoked olive oil and a sprinkle of flakey salt. It can also straddle the gap between sweet and salty because it is so milky and mild. Christine and I had a grilled peach, Stracciatella, and speck (smoky cured pork) sandwich that we haven’t stopped talking about, and that was a year ago. It clearly has a hold on me and I’m starting to crave it badly after writing these few lines. So next time you’re in the mood for mozzarella, give Stracciatella a chance to blow your mind and hook you forever! 

For the love of cheese and gooey Stracciatella,