Rosé + Cheese = <3

In honor of our Rosé Colored Glasses Grand Tasting this Saturday at the shop, I wanted to write about a few cheeses that will pair well with the tastiest of pink drinks. To quote the great food writer M.F.K. Fisher, “Wine and cheese are ageless companions, like aspirin and aches, or June and moon, or good people and noble ventures.” Onward!

My first pick is Chebris, a French sheep and goat’s milk cheese with a beautiful white paste and light yellow rind. This cheese is not only pretty, but it is also almost universally liked. Although Chebris plays well with almost everything, its true partner is rosé. The sheep milk gives it a grassy character, and the goat’s milk adds a tang, but it is still easygoing. Pair it with any rosé, whether it is fruity, acidic, minerally, light as a feather or dark as a ruby. 

My next choice is a little more unconventional. SchlossbergerAltis one of our newer Alpine cheeses and it is strong, very savory and meaty. I want to pair this one with a fuller-bodied rosé so the wine isn’t overpowered. Why not just drink a red with this cheese? Well, you certainly could, but I think the rosé will be a better backdrop for Schlossberger’s tasty qualities. Also, it is a pretty intense cheese, so rosé will brighten it up and make it a cheese we want to eat even in the heat of summer.

Finally, let’s talk about blue. A classic pairing with blue cheese is port or other fortified wine. However, I think a rosé, will also be a delicious partner. Since Stiltonis the traditional pairing with port, let’s just turn that right around, toss out the port and pour a glass of rosé instead. (I know I just said, “toss out the port”, but that was for dramatic effect. I NEVER condone throwing out port.) Stilton has a very pleasant sweet/salty balance that will work well with a smooth, minerally rosé. After each taste of full-flavored Stilton, the wine will refresh your palate, so you’re ready for another bite. 

Rosé is an excellent cheese wine, so go crazy! Come try the thirty-something different rosés this Saturday, and stop by the cheese counter and we’ll find you the perfect “companions.”

For the love of cheese and rosé season,

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