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Life is richer taken slowly and thoughtfully. We must consume food to survive, but as humans we are capable of elevating the act of eating to a sublime and deeply enriching experience. A trip to the Cheese Shop is a respite from the anxious business of the day, a moment to taste and to savor. That attentiveness is packed in your bag along with your purchases and sent home with you, to settle into a beautiful evening and richly laden table shared with your loved ones and friends.





Wine Tastings

 Fridays 5-7:30pm and Saturdays 4-6pM


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SALEM MA, 01970





Peter Endicott, Owner / Cheesemonger

After a successful first career as a construction contractor, Peter decided to pursue his love of food and wine by joining the team of cheesemongers at The Concord Cheese Shop. The hobby quickly became a passion and he became involved with every aspect of the business. After years of dedicating his career to learning about cheese and educating others about cheese, Peter was determined to open his very own cheese shop and vibrant downtown Salem and its thriving food scene was the perfect match. Peter is thrilled to bring quality domestic and imported cheeses, carefully selected wine and beer, and delicious gourmet products to Salem and the greater North Shore community. Besides eating and selling cheese, Peter loves to cook and hang out with his family.

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Brie Hurd, Cheese Buyer / Manager

Brie is the cheese buyer and one of the managers at The Cheese Shop of Salem. She began her career in 2007 at The Concord Cheese Shop, where she worked for eight years. In 2012, Brie was awarded the John Crompton Memorial Scholarship and attended her first American Cheese Society Conference. For two years she worked as the Maître Fromager at local restaurant AKA Bistro in Lincoln, Massachusetts, where she developed a cheese program and presented a weekly selection to restaurant guests. Her cheese cart has been featured in Cheese Connoisseur Magazine. In Spring 2014, Brie participated in the inaugural Cheese Journeys trip to England, where she visited top cheesemakers in Somerset and Devon, and the Neal's Yard Dairy team in London. She is a three-time competitor in the Cheesemonger Invitational, and is a new member of the American Cheese Society Education Committee. When she's not busy behind the cheese counter, you can find her cooking up the newest Ina  Garten recipes, tasting the fruitiest California Cabs she can find, or hanging out with family and friends.


Susan E. Ulbrich, Wine and Beer Director/Manager

After graduating from Assumption College, Susan completed her MA in Italian language at Middlebury College. Her love of Italy led her to Rome, where she lived for three years while exploring Italian culture, music, food and language. After moving to Boston, a course in natural wine at Oleana in Cambridge, MA sparked her desire to immerse herself completely into the world of wine. She went on to complete Boston University's Wine Studies Program while gaining experience with the wine program of Belly Wine Bar in Cambridge. Susan is thrilled to be a part of the shop's dynamic team and leads wine and beer tastings at the shop every Friday and Saturday evening. Besides wine and food, Susan loves the Beatles, traveling without a plan, practicing yoga and hiking with her hound dog, Nico.  

Wine? Cheese? Yes, please!

As professional cheese geeks and wine nerds who are constantly tasting and talking about food, we’ve been hankering for an opportunity to bring you - our beloved friends and customers - even deeper into our world. We’ve been craving a platform where we can feature the extra-special, sometimes-limited, super-delicious products with which we are most obsessed. As such, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the latest and greatest program here at The Cheese Shop of Salem: Wine and Cheese Clubs! 

Here’s how it works. Each month, we will assemble a selection of our most fantastic and unique products. Sometimes these will be exclusive products that never even hit our shelves because of their limited availability, and other times these will be the items in our shop that happen to be tasting their most delicious, and should therefore not be missed. Most importantly, the products we share with you will always be made with integrity by top artisan producers whose methods we seek to honor and support. We will include tasting notes and background info to help contextualize the awesomeness of these items and their makers. Ultimately, our aim is to provide you with a “backstage pass” of sorts - a platform for in-depth tasting, learning, and dialogue about some of our favorite wines and cheeses. 

We are offering three different memberships:

The Wine Club
Includes 4 bottles of wine and detailed tasting notes for $80/month.

The Cheese Club
Includes 4 cheeses (approx. 1/3 lb. each) with delicious accompaniments and detailed tasting notes for $60/month.

The Ultimate Club
Includes the combo: 4 bottles of wine, 4 cheeses (approx. 1/3 lb. each), with delicious accompaniments and detailed tasting notes (and suggested pairings!) for $130/month.

Membership is for three consecutive months only, beginning the month after sign-up. On the first Friday of every month, our cheese and wine selections will be ready for in-store pick-up between 11AM and 7:30PM.