Italian Primavera

Free tasting | Friday, May 18, 2018 | 5-7PM


Experience fresh Primavera ('new green' or ‘Spring’) wines with us on Friday when James from Mucci Imports pours a line-up of all-natural Italian wines! We’ll explore traditionally-made wines from the regions of Emilia-Romagna, Sicily, Sardinia, and Puglia. 

Manaresi, Colli Bolognesi Pignoletto Frizzante (2017) – Emilia-Romagna This frizzante bianco is our new obsession for Spring! Pignoloetti is considered Bologna’s Prosecco! High in the hills outside of Bologna, this 100% Grechetto Gentile wine is made in the Charmat method with plenty of pear, tropical fruit and white flower aromas. All-natural and made by Donatella Agostini, who was an architect before turning winemaker in 2009.

Cantine Valenti ‘Poesia’ Rosato (2017) – Sicily | Giovanni Valenti and his son Alessandro started Cantine Valenti in 2004. Their 50-year old vines are located at one of the highest elevations for growing vines on Mt. Etna. The Valenti family is adamant about exercising organic practices, using only the tiniest amounts of sulfites in their wine, and avoiding all chemicals and herbicides. The entire Valenti clan is a huge fan of the arts, and the wines are named after some of their favorite operas and authors. Poesia, ‘Poetry’, is a balanced and bright rosé – it dances on your palate with strawberry notes and mineral drive from the unrivalled Mt. Etna terrior.

Cantina Lilliu, Pantumas (2014) – Sardegna | Pietro and Roberta Lilliu make stunning and natural wines on the island of Sardegna. On only 2 hectares of land in Marmilla, which is 35 minutes north of Cagliari in the middle of the Sardegna, Pietro and Roberta’s vines are surrounded by deforested hills and the rare absence of an ocean view giving their land an almost moon-like desert feel. It’s on this arid piece of unique terrior that they naturally farm their grapes, believing that the best wine is made when respect for nature and tradition is upheld. Pantumas has great acidity, and is made with limited skin-conact from the red grape of Cannonau (i.e. Grenache), giving it a peach-like melon hue. A savory rosato for Spring!


Pietregiovani, Primitivo Rosso (2013) – Puglia Puglia through and through! Fabio Pietrogiovani (‘young-stones’) grows vines south near Salento in Puglia, and has a few hectares scattered north of Bari. This Primitivo (calling all you Zinfandel lovers!) is very true to Puglia - strong, dark, and spicy, but has balance rarely seen with these wines thanks to the special cru where it is grown: Gioa del Colle. The wine spends time in stainless steel, with only 5% of the juice aged in oak.

Pietregiovani, Negroamaro Rosato (2017) – Puglia | Fabio’s newest wine is his Negroamaro rosé! Notes of poached berries on the nose followed by beautiful acidity on the palate.

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