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True North Ale Co.

Gary Rodgers and his son Jake started brewing beer in their home before moving as a family to Europe and exploring the wonderful Belgian, German, and English brews across the Atlantic. Upon returning to New England in the late ‘90s, the craft beer industry was exploding and over next few decades the Rodgers’ passion for good beer and brewing grew into into True North Ale Company in Ipswich, MA. Today they are making exciting, pure, delicious brews right here on the North Shore. Come taste a line-up of True North with us this Friday from 5-7PM including the brews: Cerveza, Vincianne, Northern Haze, and Squared. See you there!

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First Friday Beer Tasting

Join us on the first Friday of the month for a complimentary beer tasting led by your resident Cheese Shop beer experts, including beer buyer Chris Tenore. Each month, Chris picks some of his favorite beers and/or ciders of the moment to taste you on to start the month off right. One pick this month is Allagash Curieux, which was first brewed back in 2004 and was Allagash Brewery’s first foray into barrel aging. Come join in on our Salem beer bash!

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1634 Meadery

Dan Clapp makes delicious meads at 1634 Meadery right out of Ipswich, MA. Dan is pouring a line-up of his local honey wine this Friday. Come join! Featured meads are: Wicked Wench, Devils Footprint, Sthruberry, Craneberry, In The Orchard and Stinger Honey elixir for all!

Mead is fermented with three basic ingredients: honey, yeast and water. Alike to sake not being “rice wine", mead is not “honey wine”. Although it is created using fermented honey, it is not fermented from fruit, even if sometimes it is flavored with different fruit. The honey used to make mead determines the overarching flavor of the mead, and can vary according to a honey bee’s daily intake of nectar and pollen. Traditional mead often uses mild honey like orange blossom, clover or acacia. Wildflower, blackberry and buckwheat honeys produce stronger spiced meads. 

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Rising Tide

Chris from Rising Tide Brewing Co. is back with their newest fall releases! Come by for a brew or two and chat with Chris about Maine’s thriving beer scene. 10% off all Rising Tide beer too!

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Rising Tide Brewery

Rising Tide Brewing is back with their newest summer releases including the killer Soundings IPA. Come by for a brew or two!

Pisces | 3.4% ABV| Pisces Gose is light, dry, crisp and refreshing. This interpretation of the old German style is brewed with lactobacillus, coriander and local Maine sea water.  
Spinnaker | 4.5% ABV| Spinnaker is the perfect companion for a lazy summer day. With a nod to the traditional hazy wheat beers of Germany, this Hefeweizen balances sweet yeast esters and spicy phenolics with a refreshing bready body.
Day Mark | 5.5% ABV| Day Mark is a classic American pale ale. Brewed with Columbus and Centennial hops and locally grown rye, Day Mark is crisp, dry, floral and finishes with a pleasant rye spice. 
Soundings IPA | Join us as we plunge into the depths of hop flavors in this ever-changing experimental IPA series.

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