Prospect Ciderworks

Free Tasting | Friday, April 6, 2018 | 5-7PM

Prospect Ciderworks was founded in 2014 to challenge the assumptions surrounding American Cider. They use cider making methods to create balanced, distinctive ciders right out of Boston. Join Parker from Prospect Cider as he opens these crazy-good ciders alongside some cheese! 

Sidro  $13.00/4pk
Balanced New England Cider, 5.4% ABV
Sidro is Prospect's flagship cider. Crafted with New England varietals and a blend of Belgian Saison yeast, Sidro has big apple flavor and crushability. Dry, smooth, easy, refreshing, yum.

Paradise – $13.00/4pk
Cider with Orange Peel and Grains of Paradise, 6% ABV
Paradise is an ode to a Belgian Witbier. It's a blast of citrus with a dry finish and notes of ginger, tropical fruit, with a light body. Prospect steep's this cider with Grains of Paradise and Orange Peel after fermenting with a Belgian Ale yeast.

Missing Link  $13.00/4pk
Hopped Session Cider with Mosaic and Cascade Hops, 4.8% ABV
Holy hop-forward cider, Batman! Missing link introduces alpha acids to the cider drinker via a 'truly hopped' session beverage: slightly bitter and dry hopped with a rotating blend of hops - in this case, Mosaic and Cascade.