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GOAT or G.reatest O.f A.ll T.ime is an acronym on trend right now thanks to marvelous athletes and social media enthusiasts combined. Of course GOAT, to a cheese family, can only mean one thing: CHEESE! And cheese made from the milk of those cute little furry creatures that eat everything from cans to greens. For tomorrow's tasting, we chose five #GOAT wines to pair with different goat's milk cheeses, and it's up to you to decide which pairing is the #GOAT.

Donkey & Goat Grenache Rosé (2016) – Mendocino, California, $31
AKA 'The Chill-Billy Goat'
When Jared and Tracy Brandt were interning at a winery in France, their French neighbor had a pet donkey and goat. He had trained the donkey to eat around the grape vines but occasionally, the donkey would get distracted about which plants it ate. Undeterred, the neighbor bought the donkey a goat friend and the goat would follow the donkey around the vineyard, resulting in a calm and focused donkey. Apparently, goats have a natural soothing effect on all members of the animal kingdom! Inspired by the story, Jared and Tracy named their natural, funky winery Donkey & Goat to celebrate kinsman-ship. Sometimes, we all need a little goat in our lives-whether that be a bleating companion or this unfiltered Grenache rosé! Buttery, earthy, and mouth-filling, it has tantalizing notes of melon and prosciutto.   

La Capra Loca (2014) – Valladolid, Spain, $12
AKA 'The Crazy Goat'

Everyone who has owned a goat has at least one story; Youtube is a plethora of crazy goat antics from these large eared creatures getting their head stuck in a watering can, fainting from excitement, to climbing to the tippity top of a precarious hay pile to control a fan's speed with a cord. This Tempranillo, from Familia Pastor Gilabert is what every goat toasts their antics with after a long day of making us scratch our heads with befuddlement of 'why did they do that'? This rose is as cheery as it is cherry-like with notes of cranberries and finishes with a satisfying roundness. 

Domaine Gracieux Chevalier, Cremant de Bourgogne (NV) – Burgundy, France, $24
AKA 'The Political Goat'

For a delicious Cremant (a Champagne method sparkling from France but outside of Champagne) there is no option but a political goat. Saber-opening a bubbly with a saber or knife is legendarily attributed to Napoleon's Hussars, who carried Champagne to battle and opened them on horseback to celebrate their triumphs. There will always be politics and goats, and hopefully there will always be Cremant. Like a certain Tweeting Goat, this Cremant has a brisk no-nonsense attitude that teases out the dry, toasty almond notes and elegant bubbles.

Domaine Pichot 'Le Peude de la Moriette' Vouvray (2015) – Loire, France, $19
AKA William 'Billy' Windsor II

When you hear Vouvray your toes automatically curl in anticipation for a Chenin Blanc with a sharp minerality balanced with ripe stone fruit. It's a staple Chenin Blanc fit for for a royal goat such as William 'Billy' Windsor II – the current Royal Kashmir goat that Queen Elizabeth II presented to one of the oldest Infantry Regiment's. Like this winery, which dates back to 1739, this goat tradition is old, and begun in 1844. This Vourvray is crisp with notes of pear and lemons.

Vigne Guadagno Greco di Tufo (2015) – Campania, Italy $20
AKA 'GOAT as in Brady'

Vigne Guadagno was created by two brothers, Guiseppe and Pasquale, who, like the dedicated and focused #GOAT Tom Brady, understand the importance of teamwork. Vigne Guadagno was started in 2010 by the brothers who asked fellow winemaking neighbors to consult them for the first few vintages of their fledging winery. They, like Brady, bring their A-game and excitement into every aspect of their lives and don't let rainfall or plunging temperatures get them down. This Greco di Tufo's minerality is as strong as Brady's arm and has notes of fresh pineapple. 

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