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West Coast Whites

West Coast white wines are where IT'S AT this summer. Come taste this fabulous organic, all natural juice!

Keep, El Rino Albariño (2016) – Napa Valley, CA $34
Jack Roberts from Matthiason's Wines (Tendu for example) and Johanna Jensen from Broc Cellars teamed up together to form Keep, their collection of natural wines with an emphasis on creativity. Their Albariño is the result of successful experimentation, which is why it has a limited release! It's from their Lost Slough vineyard, which thousands of years ago was underwater, and it shows in the biting saltiness and minerality. With its slight spritz, nuttiness and acidity this wine is a definite beach buddy to drink on the dock with your feet cooling off in the ocean.

Habit, Chenin Blanc (2013) – Santa Ynez Valley, CA $34
My friends in California are always blase about their celebrity sightings to the point of it being eye-roll worthy, and every time it makes me so grateful that as a Bostonian I can flip out over famous people sightings. Habit's Chenin Blanc is a perfect example of a classic Hollywood baby: this organic wine is the wine-child of voice actor Jeff Fisher from American Dad aannddd...wait for was grown in a vineyard called Jurassic Park! This Chenin Blanc should have its own star in Hollywood for its frisky attitude, stoniness, and bite of peach.

Swick, Melon de Bourgogne, Yahill-Carlton (2016) – Willamette Valley, OR $25
After working fifteen harvests worldwide, in exotic places like Portugal, Tasmania, and France, Joe Swick decided it was time to open his own winery. He brought the best of multiple countries traditions to Portland, Oregon to his small, substainable winery. His Melon de Bourgogne, compared to classic Muscadet, is like looking at a cat and tiger beside one another. They are similar in their minerality and saltiness that you can tell they are related, but different enough, with the Swick's racy dry apple notes, that you'll intuitively understand you're dealing with a different beast. To those who are skeptical of a New World Melon de Bourgogne, think of how quickly a purring cat can turn and rake you with their claws!

Tendu Vermentino, Dunnigan Hills (2015) – Napa Valley, CA $25
Sought after natural Californian winemaker, Steve Matthiason, is known mostly for his stunning red blends, but decided to try his hand at a Vermentino. With its playful pop-top and bold, large liter bottle it will proudly stand out at any summer barbecue this season. The wine delivers a zippy, herbaceous, and citrus rush that will leave you giggling.

Brea Chardonnay, Central Coast (2015) – Solano County Green Valley, CA $20
Brea is the collaboration between Chris Brockway, the owner of Broc Cellers, and Tim Elenteny. While Broc Cellers is known for experimenting with grapes grown worldwide, but, in California, Brea is a chance to highlight California's classic stars of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon. His Chardonnay is friendly towards Chardonnay lovers and skeptics, as it is crisp, rich, and filled with tropical notes that will leave you picturing palm trees.

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