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Artifact Cider w/ Jimmy

Hailing from Amherst, MA, Artifact Cider is killin' it! We had the pleasure of drinking their special brew "We Are Trying to Break Your Heart" (for all you Wilco lovers out there) this past weekend at the Solid Sound Festival held every other year at MASS MOCA. the largest contemporary art museum in the world!  Come join us as we open a few brews from these super cider buffs.

New World ($13.50/4pk)
Made with Northern Spy and Empire apples. Dry and a little tart with aromas of pear and passion fruit. It's out of this world! 

Papa Knows Best ($15.00/4pk)
Artifact's first dry-hopped cider of the summer season made in collaboration with their friends at Exhibit "A" Brewing. Grab a four-pack, keep it cold, drink it fresh. 

Perception Shift ($15.00/4pk)
A light and tangy cider - the newest one! - with a sea salt spray of slight sourness. It is fantastic with cheese giving a mild cow's milk cheese like Raschera from Piedmont an herbaceous quality and a twinge of grit.