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"April Fool's Gold" Orange Wine w/ Susan 

We've got killer orange wine, ain't no foolin'. With all this rain lately, it doesn't seem like rosé is on everyone's mind just yet, so what's an alternative to rosé? Orange wine! Orange wines are "skin-fermented” wines; basically white wines that have been left in contact with grape skins during the winemaking process, much alike to red wine. Think of orange wines as an inverse of rosé; with rosé wine, the skins from red grapes are immediately separated from the juice at pressing. With orange wines, the white grape skins are left on.

Orange wines can range in color, flavor, body, texture. Sometimes the results are tannic, sometimes oxidized, sometimes extremely complex. Plus, healthy! Orange wines are richer in antioxidants than white wines, therefore are better for you. I'm straying a bit from our theme and showing one anomaly, appropriately named "Anomaly": a fantastically refreshing white wine with an orange hue from the Pinot Noir grape. You can say we're showing the whole spectrum of what makes wine certain colors. Taste the rainbow. 🌈

More about orange wines from Eric Asimov, NYT
History of orange wines by Simon Woolf, Decanter

2013 Anthony Nappa "Anomaly" Pinot Noir - Finger Lakes, New York ($17)
2013 Benvenuti, Malvasia Anno Domini - Istria, Croatia ($38)
2014 Teleda Orgo, Orgo Rkatsiteli - Kakheti, Georgia ($22)
2015 Filippi Soave, Castelcerino - Veneto, Italy ($19)
2012 Kabaj, Goriška Brda Rebula - Brda, Slovenia ($32)