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Loire Valley with Jackson from MISE

There's no one better than Jackson to take you on a tour of the Loire Valley in France with MISE wines. Man oh man, are these good wines, and we're featuring two of my all-time favorite grapes: Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc. Small growers, organic farming, no added crud, just pure, natural wines ready for your consumption. 

2014 Domaine de la Bregeonnette, Muscadet “Clos de la Coudray” ($20)
AOC: Muscadet; Grape: Melon de Bourgogne
Stéphane Orieux's old vines at the Clos de la Coudray grow in granite. This Muscadet is a layering of floral delicacy above its meaty, wild mushroom notes of umami. It’s reminiscent of that perfect oyster, you know, an oyster from Massachusetts of course! 

2014 Château La Tour Grise "Les Amandiers" ($27)
AOC: it's complicated; Grape: Chenin Blanc
Before biodynamics was cool (albeit essential) Philippe Gourdon was finding ways to make wine as organic as possible and became certified in 1998. Philippe and his partner François passionately attained appellation status in 2007 for their village of Le Puy Notre Dame in the Saumur AOC, however, this appellation structure thus revoked them to use AOC status on their wine labels. The Gourdons are true rebels with a cause. Winemakers are increasingly making wines outside of AOC status, revoking bureaucratic restraints, and focusing on real, focused, terrior-driven wine. Wine first. Politics second, please. Pass me the Chenin. 

2015 Domaine Mirebeau "Le Petite Clou" ($20)
AOC: n/a; Grape: Cabernet Franc
Bruno Rochard is a rock star biodynamic winemaker in the town of Rabley sur Layon, and featured in Étienne Davodeau and Richard Leroy’s graphic novel, Les Ignorants (The Initiates). This book explores the nature of wine and drawing, providing parallels into both artistry through comics and artistry through winemaking. We will have a copy of the book (seen above) for you to look through and you can purchase a copy here!

2015 Domaine Jaulin Plaisantin "Le Dolmen" ($19)
AOC: Chinon, Grape: Cabernet Franc
Sébastien Jaulin and Yves Plaisantin are growing 15 hectares of Chinon vineyards planted with Cabernet Franc in the village of Cravant Les Coteaux. They just received organic certification status in 2015. This Cab is light on its feet with notes of pomegranate pith and raspberry.

2014 Domaine Jaulin Plaisantin "L'Enfer" ($29)
AOC: Chinon; Grape: Cabernet Franc
The older sibling to "Le Dolmen", "L'Enfer" (or, simply put, hell) is deeper, darker, and bolder. Notes of blood and iron, because it's the wine of hell. Although, it is very heavenly! What a contradiction!

1995 Ch. Tour de Grise, Saumur Moelleux "Etourneaux" ($42)
AOC: Saumur; Grape: Chenin Blanc
Another brilliant creation from Philippe and François Gourdon. Sweet, decadent dessert Chenin Blanc that is literally the nectar of the gods. It's lush and special and a great way to end the Loire line-up!