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Old World Hodgepodge w/ Teresa from Carolina

Join Teresa as she leads you through a tour of Old World wines. These are killer ones too, ladies and gents. You don't want to miss it! 

2015 Mosse Moussamoussettes - Loire Valley, France ($28) 
One of importer Louis Dressner's many cult wines, this sparkling Grolleau Noir, from winemakers Agnès and René Mosse, is funky and dance-party inducing. Unfined, unfiltered, biodynamic and all that good stuff, this Pét Nat has a slight residual sweetness (only 3g) that will make you go back for another glass...and another...and another. 

2016 Triennes Rosé - Provence, France ($21)
It's rosé time! The best kind of time! From the Cinsault grape with a tad of Grenache, Syrah and Merlot blended in, Jacques Seysses and Michel Macaux harvest their grapes at night to get the freshest, coolest grapes before pressing. This was one of my favorites rosés from last year's vintage, and this year's vintage is even brighter, and perhaps even better than 2015.

2014 Höpler Riesling - Burgenland, Austria ($23)
We had the pleasure of meeting Jon Höpler last year and it has been such a pleasure carrying his family's wines at our family-run shop. The Höpler estate is located southeast of Vienna in Burgenland, with 46 hectares on the shores of Lake Neusiedl. Their 2014 Riesling is some of the best - it's for Riesling lovers and Riesling haters, too. 

2014 Hauner Hiera - Sicily, Italy ($24)
A blend of Nero d’Avola, Alicante, and Nocera from the vineyards on Vulcano, a small volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Deep ruby with a gorgeous nose of wild berries, nutmeg, and dark chocolate, Carol Hauner, Sr. is at the helm. Carlo is a dynamic and creative force behind the winery. He's also an artist outside of the vineyard, painting and designing throughout the world, and his painting adorn his beautiful wine bottles.

2014 Occhipinti 'Siccagno' Nero D'Avola - Sicily, Italy ($40)
I had the pleasure of meeting one of my major #girlcrushes yesterday: Arianna Occhipinti. Arianna ia a rockstar biodynamic Sicilian winemaker and a fierce force in the industry. The 'Siccagno' stands out for it's red cherry and pine aromas, and it's elegant finish layered with Sicilian earthiness. Come fall in love with Arianna's wine too.