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Cantina Lilliu Sardinian Tasting

Pietro and Roberta Lilliu make stunning and natural wines on the island of Sardegna. We’ve been holding onto a few cases to open at the beginning of fall and we’re so excited to revisit these special bottles to see what a few months has done to them. On only two hectares of land in Marmilla, north of Cagliari in the middle of Sardegna, Pietro and Roberta’s vines are surrounded by deforested hills and the rare absence of an ocean view giving their land an almost moon-like desert feel. It’s on this arid piece of unique terrior that they naturally farm their grapes, believing that the best wine is made when respect for nature and tradition is upheld. Come experience these special Sardinian beauties!
2014 Cantina Lilliu Cannonau di Sardegna Pantumas, $30
Varietal: 100% Cannonau
Pantumas has great acidity, rivaling Vermentino, but being from the red grape of Cannonau (i.e. Grenache) you also notice an aromatic influence from the red fruit. This wine is delicate and elegant while showing of the terroir of Marmilla.
2013 Cantina Lilliu Cannonau di Sardegna Presciu, $21
Varietals: 60% Cannonau, 30% Bovale, 10% Syrah
Presciu means ‘happiness’ in Sardo dialect. This is a blend of Cannonau, Bovale and Syrah the three grapes grown at Lilliu. Cannonau provides fruit, Bovale gives it structure and Syrah helps round out the blend. This wine is a wild child upon opening, but as it aerates this blend finds itself with juicy depth and intensity.
2014 Cantina Lilliu Cannonau di Sardegna Dicciosu, $36
Varietal: 100% Cannonau
Dicciosu means ‘proverbial’ in Sardo dialect. With this Cannonau just think ripe raspberries and plum jam. Pair with a bit of Pecorino and a dallop of dark berry compote and you’ve got a winner. 

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