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Georgian Wine Tasting!

Georgian Wine Tasting
Sergei from Georgian Toast is here to teach you all about where wine originated from: Georgia! In Georgia wine is traditionally made in qvervi, clay vessels that are buried underground while the wine ferments and ages. Upon reading the new book about Georgian wine, For the Love of Wine, by Alice Feiring, I knew we had to try wines from this historic winemaking country. Ms. Feiring points to the growing philosophy of natural winemaking taking off throughout the world, a philosophy that Georgians have always embraced. Ms. Feiring writes, "[Natural winemaking] is nothing short of a revolution. The Georgians have been passionate, religious, and stubborn about it. They had little idea, though, that they had like-minded sisters and brothers in other countries or that they had something to teach the rest of the world about commitment to organic viticulture and minimalist winemaking." If you're interested in reading more about Georgia and its incredible history and wines, buy Alice Feiring's book here!  

2014 Georgian Valleys, Alazani Valley White ($15) 100% Rkatsiteli. A light and refreshing wine with grapes harvested from the general Kakheti region, often much later in the season giving it its medium sweetness. Notes of dried fruit and lemon pie. 

2014 Orgo Rkatsiteli ($22) - 100% Rkatsiteli. Qvevri-made orange wine that has rich, lemony flavors and a peach-fuzz texture with bristly tannins on the finish. As the wine opens, it grows in sweet apple and peach tones adding to its roundness. A terrifically versatile food wine.
2012 KTW Ojaleshi ($19) - 100% Ojaleshi. A semi-sweet, ruby-red wine with aromas of ripe fruit and rose petals which finishes dry. Notes of strawberry and black tea. 

2014 Orgo Saperavi ($27) - 100% Saperavi. Quervi-made and an easy entryway into traditionally made Georgian wine. Supple and lush, this is a supersaturated expression of purple fruit, balanced by forest-floor aromas and herbal spice in the finish.