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Spanish Cider Tasting with Ken

"Gastronomy in Asturias is synonymous with a total dedication to the cult of good food." -Anon

Come take a sip of Asturius with us. Ken is back in all his sidra glory!

Viuda de Angelon Sidra de Pera ($14.50/4pk): A sparkling off-dry perry (pear cider). In past centuries in Asturias, an ancient source of excellent cider, they pressed apples or pears. Viuda de Angelon has revived the lost tradition of pear cider to produce this longed-for nectar once again, using only estate grown pears and no added sugar.
Sidra Brut Viuda de Angelon ($19): A sparkling dry cider which preserves the original earthy flavor of traditional sidra. This bubbly is the bomb. You are going to love it too!
Sidra Natural Riestra ($12): A natural, dry, unfiltered Spanish cider. Traditional still cider with fruity aromas and the characteristic acidity of Spanish and French apples that demands pairing with cured cheese and meats.
1947 Sidra de Nueva Expresión ($15):  A Petillant semi-dry cider. Since 1947 the family of Viuda de Angelón has made traditional cider. A careful selection of their estate grown apples gives this cider a generous and deep aroma, balanced flavor and a long finish.
Diamantes de Hielo ($24): A sweet, ice cider. Frozen apples are freshly pressed and the juice is gradually drip-thawed to concentrate sugar and flavor intensity. It is then fermented and aged to a sweet and spirituous sipping wine.