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Grand Opening Celebration

Come in and check us out as we hold our official Grand opening with samples, tastings and more!

Our Mission

Life is richer taken slowly and thoughtfully. We must consume food to survive, but as humans we are capable of elevating the act of eating to a sublime and deeply enriching experience. A trip to the Cheese Shop is a respite from the anxious business of the day, a moment to taste and to savor. That attentiveness is packed in your bag along with your purchases and sent home with you, to settle into a beautiful evening and richly laden table shared with your loved ones and friends.

We believe in the power of the story. There is a story behind the people working hard in the vineyard or on the farm, choosing careful and time-consuming methods over convenient short-cuts in order to produce truly extraordinary products. There is another story in our shop of our dedicated staff and their excitement to show you delicious things you have never tasted before or remind you of old favorites, and in our beautiful city with its complicated history and dedicated community. Yet another is still writing itself at your table, in your carefully chosen gift, on your sunny picnic, of nostalgia for the tastes of your own history, exploration of new flavors and food cultures, and meals lovingly shared.  Take the  time with us to honor, preserve, and continue these stories, and eat very well in the process. Cheers!