Shoveling our way to Spring

I grew up in the Boston area and I cannot remember another winter like this one. The snow has piled and piled, feet on top of feet, paralyzing the city, accompanied by frigid temperatures that don't let the snow even begin to melt, the sidewalks are slicked with treacherous ice, so narrow between the towering snowbanks that people have to walk single file.

But the folks from MA are a hardy bunch, and they will brave through. Eventually, believe it or not, the snow will melt, the sidewalk will emerge (even if the worse for wear), temperatures will rise, that first extraordinary shoot will push its way up through the muddy turf, bringing with it that rush of joy and hope that only spring after a long winter can inspire...

In the meantime, support your local businesses! Everyone is suffering for loss of revenue, from restaurants down to the suppliers they usually buy from. Continue braving the way out to your local cheese shops, wine stores, groceries, butchers. Cook up something wonderful and share it with those you love. Laugh at being part of this momentous event, this record-breaking winter, along with all the people around you in your community.

Here's to spring and here's to our little store's exciting future that will come with it. We can't wait to serve you and feed you, when the Derby Wharf will once again be lush with green grass glowing in the sunlight, The Friendship will rock lazily on the water, clear from ice and snow, and the streets of downtown Salem will no longer look like a strange winter maze. You will be able to come to our store to buy supplies for your first picnic, and that first bottle of wine on the terrace! We can't wait.